Statement of Principle

Oorlog is Geen Oplossing NL, O҂O (War Is No Solution) was founded on 11 February 2013 in the building of the Second Chamber of the Parliament in The Hague.

Expanding on a network already active in Enschede in the east of the country, O҂O NL grew out of a picket line in front of the Dutch Ministry of Defence against the Patriot mission to Turkey. At the time it was feared that these missile batteries were to serve as cover for an intervention in Syria or even war against Iran. However, from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Mali, there already runs a trail of death and destruction, as country after country is being devastated. 

Our aim is to get the Netherlands to dissociate itself from this spiral of violence.

For it would appear as if those states in the West that in the current crisis are losing competitive edge, are resorting to their military capabilities to prevent a further decline. The more the economic dynamism is being displaced to other parts of the globe—and not just to the BRICS countries—the more war, or so it seems. Even Russia and China come into view as possible targets.

O҂O regards this as a potentially fatal development that must be resisted urgently. No sanctions, but dialogue; no war but economic cooperation and deepening the contacts between the different societies.

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