Ukraine moves further to the right under the NATO umbrella

Earlier this month the pro-Western government in Kiev has had parliament pass legislation outlawing both Nazi and communist political parties and symbols . The Communist Party of Ukraine has protested this insulting equation, also because it makes impossible the commemoration events of the Soviet army’s victory over the Nazis in 1945.
It would certainly be remarkable that the Kiev government also distances itself from Nazis, were it not for the fact that the really astounding step has been taken to make Dmytro Yarosh, the leader of the neo-Nazi Right Sector, an adviser of the general staff.

Colonel-general V. Muzhenko, Chief of the General Staff, in the picture is seen shaking hands with this notorious fascist, who is on the Interpol wanted list. It is not difficult to notice the difference in terms of enthusiasm between the two. But Kiev has no choice: it must try and mollify Right Sector, which in the general election got stuck with 1.1 percent but represents a sizeable force with its DUK units. Otherwise the civil war in the east that has torn the country asunder and has bankrupted it, will simply continue.

The volunteer battalions (DUK Right Sector, as well as Aidar, Azov, etc.) have done most of the fighting against the federalists in the Donbass. They are rightwing nationalist or fascist and have without exception committed heinous crimes. Instead of holding them to account, the choice has now been made to accommodate them, no doubt a dangerous tactic.

To arrest Yarosh is therefore not likely, because who would be there to do it. Instead he is given shelter in the army high command, whilst his fighters, who under the same agreement are placed under army discipline, receive wages from Kiev. Yarosh in addition enjoys immunity because he is a member of parliament. So if the struggle with the rebel provinces resumes we will have to wait and see who gives the orders.

As on previous occasions, the policy of Germany and France of working with Russia to contain the conflict, is openly being challenged by the Americans, with the British and Canada joining in. That they do not shrink from collaboration with neo-Nazis was evident already when the American ambassador gave the founder of the Svoboda party, Andriy Parubiy, the green light for the coup of February 2014—whilst a few streets away the ministers of Germany, France and Poland, in the presence of a Russian representative, signed the agreement with Yanukowych.

This time the move to the right is being supported from the same quarters. Canada has set troops to Ukraine, who will collaborate with American troops. Already in December Ottawa dispatched military police, and a few days ago, on April 17, 300 US paratroopers arrived in Lviv in western Ukraine. A Russian warning that this risks seriously destabilising the situation, is simply dismissed. Still the army high command in Kiev, ‘reinforced’ with Yarosh’s Nazis, may feel emboldened to take fresh military initiatives

In addition Israel, angered by the fact that Russia has released the long withheld S-300 anti-missile batteries to Iran after the agreement on Tehran’s nuclear programme, has announced it will deliver offensive weapons to Kiev.

So all in all, the real Nazi’s in Ukraine have come one step closer to power in Ukraine and their foreign friends are increasing the pressure. Or would they be gathering to arrest Yarosh and hand him over to Interpol?

Kees van der Pijl

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