Eye witness report from Latakia (Syria)

This article is a translation of "Ooggetuigeverslag uit Latakia (Syrië)"

Latakia resident Lilly Martin Sahiounie reported: “Latakia Update: Jan 25, 2015: 5:00 pm. 3 missiles struck Latakia, Syria. 2 of them hit the city center of Latakia, the traffic round-a-bout called Hotel Harroun. 2 persons dead , and 9 injured, some are children. 2 taxis were burnt up, and 14 cars were damaged. The third missile hit Al Thawra Highway, no injuries there. The Free Syrian Army, which is 100% supported by the US Obama government, recently sent 6 million dollars of additional aid the FSA, and previously allocated up to 600 million dollars of the US taxpayers money to weapons inside Syria.

The missile attacks have been going on 1 year in Latakia. The Free Syrian Army, US sponsored troops, were given a GRAD missile system. It is basically a big TRUCK with a battery of missiles cylinders on the back. It takes a few minutes between loading to shoot. Because of this, the FSA drive from Turkey into Syria, set up the truck, load the first missile, shoot it at a random target, then set the second missile, shoot it, and the drive back to Turkey. This prevents the Syrian air force from bombing them from the air, since by the time the sir force knows their location inside Syria, they are already long gone and safe inside Turkey. Of course, Syrian could never bomb inside Turkey, because they are a full NATO member, and if Syria bombed Turkey, then USA and the rest of Europe would be just dying to KILL everyone in Syria. This is their dream come true. We won’t play their game.

One of the very first attacks took the life of the father of my son’s friend. He was a author, educator, poet and highly educated person. Not to mention a husband and father. He was exterminated by the American FSA in a missile attack, identical to today’s attack. WHY? because United States of American and Turkey live in a culture of impunity. Meaning: they can rape, kill and maim as many people as they like, and no one will ever ask why. No one will every stand up and demand they be held responsible for their crimes against humanity.Stop supporting terrorism. Stop funding FSA. This is my plea. Call your US congressional rep. Tell them to STOP giving missiles to the FSA. We know the FSA are the American Army in Syria. Please stop funding terrorism.*****Nine civilians killed, tens injured by terrorist rocket and mortar attacks, Jan 25, 2015, Sana News

A barrage of rockets and mortars fired by terrorists which poured down on various residential neighborhoods in the city of Damascus on Sunday has left three civilians dead, with the army responding by striking the sources of the attacks.

More than 30 civilians have so far been reported injured, some of them critically, by the attacks, which took place in the areas of al-Shahbandar Square in al-Mazra’a neighborhood, in the surrounding of Arnous Square, Mazzeh, al-Abed Street, al-Midan, al-Fahhameh, al-Rawda, Baghdad Street, al-Abbasiyeen area, Rukn Eddin, opposite the Higher Educaiton Ministry, and near Al-Fayhaa Sports Complex, according to the Police Command.

The Police Command said one woman was killed after being hit with shrapnel from a shell. She was rushed to the French Hospital, but she succumbed to her wounds.

Another woman was killed and three were injured when a shell hit a house in Oush al-Warwar neighborhood, while a source at Al-Muwasat Hospital said that 12 people injured by the attacks arrived to the hospital, and one of them succumbed to his wounds. 18 more injured civilians arrived at Damascus Hospital, and 6 were admitted to the Red Crescent Hospital.

More mortars and rockets hit the areas of Mazzeh 86, around Damascus University’s dormitory, Kafersousa, al-Midan, al-Fahameh, al-Rawdeh, Baghdad Street, al-Abbasiyeen, around the Higher Education Ministry building and near al-Faihaa Sports Hall, causing material damage in the sites where they landed.

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