Continuing speculation concerning MH17—but the same conclusion: a provocation by the regime in Kiev

The crisis in Ukraine will soon start to hit the stagnant European economy because Russia, in contrast to past targets of Western sanctions policies, can hit back. There we go; everything to keep NATO in business. No hesitation, not a moment of reflection. The Dutch media are neatly goose-stepping along. Karel van Wolferen, the internationally renowned journalist, long-time correspondent in Japan for the Dutch newspaper, NRC-Handelsblad, and the author of several books on the country, must take recourse to a website to air his indignation about this uncritical attitude. Among the mainstream media in Europe, only in Germany (Der Spiegel, Handelsblatt…) we will still find independent voices, according to Van Wolferen.  

In his comment on my previous
blog on MH17 ‘Robheus’ provides a link to a piece of film showing a BUK-launcher of the Ukrainian army on the day before the disaster, which obviously was quickly removed again after the 17th. This would confirm sources in the American intelligence services who told journalist and author Robert Parry the same, but on the basis of satellite images—these would in fact show traces of a lack of discipline around the launcher, including even empty bottles—imagine there would be images which would show the transport of BUK units from and back to Russia! They would be broadcast day and night just to keep us on the NATO crash course. Instead we are treated to human interest stories about the victims, and as Van Wolferen explains, anyone with anything negative to say about ‘Putin’ is most welcome to the newspapers and to the talk shows on radio and TV.

The question with which I concluded my earlier blog on MH17 was, Who would knowingly shoot down a passenger plane? In a comment on the Van Wolferen piece a blogger argues that the government of Ukraine is far too incompetent to organise and execute a provocation like this (shooting down a plane and scuttle, as a result, the ongoing negotiations between
Merkel and Putin). On the basis of my own knowledge about this sort of incidents, I can confirm that ‘the government’ indeed does not do such things; it is usually the work of groups operating in (the margins of) the security services, a shadow world in which it is not the habit to leave one’s business card. This in turn creates the space for unfounded speculations, which can then be dismissed as ‘conspiracy theories’—and thus remove any doubt concerning the official account, because in that case one would adhere to a conspiracy theory.

In the MH17 case there is in fact no official account, the ‘investigation’ is still ongoing. Of course sanctions against Russia have been introduced nevertheless. The black boxes are in Britain, where they are being ‘analysed’ (one only needs to play the tapes; after the Air Algérie disaster in Mali the information was available within 24 hours). The conversations of the plane with the traffic control tower are also on the voice recorder; the tapes on the airport have been confiscated by the Ukrainian security service. The crucial questions, why the plane flew
200 km north of the normal route, right over the war zone, why approval to ascend a further two kilometres was denied, and possible reactions to this and to the approach of jet fighters, everything must be on the tapes—but questions from the Netherlands why these data are still not forthcoming? Forget it (if one clicks on the map below, the deviation is displayed). 

The Spanish traffic controller, ‘Carlos’, who in the meantime has disappeared but whose twitter feeds contain information that can only have been available to a Spanish-speaking person present (the entire log book, in Spanish with English translation, is
here), in one of his messages says that the Ukrainian ministry of defence was not aware of the presence of jet fighters near the plan, but the interior ministry was. After the disaster the Ukrainian military (still according to ‘Carlos’) confirmed it had been an Ukrainian operation, but they did not know who had given the order. The responsible person for matters of national security in the interior ministry, which according to this source was aware of the fighter escort, is Andriy Parubiy in his capacity as secretary of the National Security and Defence Council (“Ukraine, Through the US Looking Glass”). Parubiy is a neo-Nazi, co-founder of Svoboda, and one of the personalities responsible for the violence during the Maidan rebellion.

 According to Parry’s sources in the intelligence services the jet fighters and the Ukrainian BUK units on the ground may have operated in combination to bring down MH17. It is (also) possible. What matters is that we are mounting an offensive against ‘Putin’ and no longer ask for any proof.

Kees van der Pijl

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